• Image of You By Me Volume I Vinyl
  • Image of You By Me Volume I Vinyl

Toh Kay (Tomas Kalnoky of Streetlight Manifesto) and Dan P. (Dan Potthast of MU330, Dan P. and The Bricks, and The Stitch Up) cover five of each others songs for the first volume of the "You By Me" series through Pentimento Music Co.

Cover art by Scott C.

Track List:

1-5 Toh Kay Covering Dan P

1. I've Set Sail

2. Downtown

3. I Went In

4. Tornado Joe

5. Got Through Another One

6-10 Dan P Covering Toh Kay / Streetlight Manifesto

6. A Moment Of Silence

7. Somewhere In The Between

8. Watch It Crash

9. We Will Fall Together

10. The Big Sleep